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I have done theater, too, and have a pretty good stage experience. Contact me if you need me in your cast!


Trailer för Björnen

Sommaren 2013 var jag med i Hammarbo Teatergrupp, Åland, som gjorde en uppsättning av Anton Tjechovs pjäs ”Björnen”. Jag spelade "Lukasita".

My Blog


The last time I wrote a blog I told everyone that I was working on a secret project.  The project is now compleated and I want to share with you the result. 

I have been working with Inventive Web Solution in India to make an animated video of my song "Billy Wants a Horse to Ride".  The song was first published by Sulasol AB, along with 8 other songs, in 2010.  The collection is called "Songs for Children" and is availible via the link found on this websight. 

I sure hope you enjoy the video.  If you want to be apart of helping me to make more videos in the future, just push the donate button.

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Hear the interview here!

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