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On birthdays, weddings and other events, I sing for both adult and childrens' audiences. My performances are covers, childrens' songs, and always one of my own songs.

Right now I am working with Miina Fagerlund holding a song course for kids ages 3 to 7. Our Facebook page is here.

Several of my songs have been arranged for gospel choirs, and performed in Finland and Sweden. I also have ballads. Some of the songs you can see and listen to below.

In 2010 Sulasol, a distributor of Christian music in Finland, published "Songs for Children" and "Christmas is".


Sing&Play med Liina&Miina

Vår Facebooksida här.

Jul är tid för snöfall (Chrismas is...)

Good News Gospel choir and Alandica Big band doing ”Jul är tid för snöfall”. From LaDena Laine's song ”Christmas is…”, translation by Per Harling, and the jazz arrangement by Camilla-Heidenberg-Agbazahou.

Jesus is the Way

Här är en av mina sånger som framfördes av Chris Kuntz, USA.

I know

En sång jag skrev för min käre make.

My Blog


The sun is shining and summer is almost here.  This means the end of Sing & Play for the Spring.  We have had so much fun watching the kids become more and more active in the group. 

We were rewarded with a project grant by Ålands culture delegation to help us finance our course for this term and the comming fall. 

I do not plan to be idle though and wait untill fall. I have started a new project but will keep it a secret for now.  I hope to have it compleated and able to share with everyone in July. 

Be sure to follow Sing & Play on Face Book to get up to date information on that activity and see pictures of the some of the students we had and hear the radio interview we did in February.     

Hear the interview here!

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