En promo-video för dockteatern. Nästan 5 minuter lång.

How does this work?


What does the audience say?

Quote from Ålandstidningen, 6th of oktober 2011

– I think it is important that kids get to sing and participate in something fun, sometimes. The daycares in the country do not have the opportunity to go to the city for concerts and other things. It is expensive. Instead, I can come to them and entertain for, say, 45 minutes, a lot less expensive.

– Liina has performed inside the childrens' daycare, Klaralund in Hammarland, and even in the remote daycare in Vårdö.

– It is fun to watch how the kids engage in the music and songs, singing along even though they may not fully understand the words.

– Liina likes to joke around and really makes for a very good show.

Mid-summer 2013

Many kids engaged fully in many of Liina's performances around the May-pole in Hammarbo.