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With your donation, you can help me do more projects.  Read below as to why. Thank you! 

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My puppet shows are not only entertaining but also informational. In many of the puppet shows, I do have a message. ”The farmer is working hard” has a fun song that the kids can sing, too, and it also teaches about working hard and trying to find the positive in what you are doing. It also teaches about the different growing seasons. ”Billy's birthday” teaches kids to know that even though mommy might say you can't have this or that, she is not doing it to be unfair or mean, but because she loves you. ”The 3 wonderful W's” teaches kids about how to be safe in case of a fire. Still other shows teach about telling the truth, keeping your word, and more. 

This 2017 I even wrote a book in Swedish "Utflykt på Östersjön" and created a puppet show around it. The book helps kids learn why it is important to keep the Baltic sea (Östersjön) clean and how pollution isn't good for the marin life. 


Each show requires different components, so material costs come into play, especially for custom shows like the one just named.

When I write new music, I often need to pay an arranger to do the arrangments for me. With the help of donations I was able to fullfil a dream to put together a concert where six of my many Gospel songs were performed on a stage in Distict Heights, Maryland, USA.

I keep costs at a minimum, but sometimes they are not low enough. 

For this reason, I need your help. Please donate so that more dreams, plays and songs can be created with quality. Feel free to donate to a special project or give a general donation.