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About me

LaDena2.300Liina Laine is my name, and I am a singer and lyrics writer – and I have written programs for children Read more about this here.

My love for music has been with me for very long. I am born in USA, where I enjoyed singing in church choirs, school choirs, and in many different places where I could share my voice.

I moved to Finland in 1993, and took my first steps to becoming a lyrics writer and composer there. I and my husband made our home in Åland in 1998, where we now live with our twins.

Through the years, I have received great recognition for my work in poetry and lyrics. I also share my Christian faith through music and fellowship. Some of my work was captured beautifully in ”It takes time”, a CD that describes my personal journey to peace with God. My lyrics have been performed in both the Nordic countries and USA. There is even sheetmusic and videos availible if you look under links.

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Just a couple more weeks and ”Sing & Play” starts again. We received good feedback from our question form last spring and are going to put it to use with a few changes in the format. This year we are going to invite in guests to sing with the kids for 15 min during some of our meeting. It is unsure if Miina will be joining us this fall, but my good friend Alisa is stepping up to the task.     

Be sure to follow Sing & Play on Facebook to get up to date information on all the things we are doing and see pictures of the guests.

A new goodbye song for the kids has also been written in Swedish. A picture of it is on the FB page. Now we have our own theme songs ”Sings & Play” and our own song for saying ”Hejdå” (bye in Swedish). Listen to the interview from last spring to hear the theme song. Hear the interview here! 

Oh, and the mommy blogg group in India recently wrote an article about the songs from the song book "Songs for Children" which was published in 2010. Take a look!

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