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Welcome to Canary Songs!

LaDenaLiina Laine

Welcome, have a look at my under each item in the menu to read about who I am and what I do!

For children and childrens' groups, I do Music – Song – Puppetshows – Games – Entertainment – Theater – in a playful, pedagogical and engaging manner! Read more in Puppetshow.

I have livened up things for many childrens' groups for several years in many places in Åland – e.g. Song program in several daycares 2017, Ålands Maritime museum 2017, Ransby school 2014, Harvest festivals at Hellesby Gård and Lugnets in Hammarland 2013–14, churches in Mariehamn and Hammarland, Kulturnatten Puppetshow 2013–14, Brändö daycare 2012, Red Cross Market 2012, Hammarland daycare 2011, Vårdö daycare 2011.

Read more about how you can help me with several projects in Donation.

For adults and children, I do songs and sheet-music, and also theater. When I perform, I sing covers, childrens' songs, and always one of my own songs. Read more in Song.

I even write Gospel and was able to, in August 2017, sing with the choir at St Pauls church in District Heights, Maryland, USA. I have written 16 SATB songs.

Want to book me for a gig? Contact me here, and I will get back to you shortly! Provide me with a phone number, and I will call you.

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Summer is over and school starts soon.  It is time for us to start thinking about the fall and all that comes with it.  Although I am not sure if Miina will be able to help me this fall, Sing & Play will be starting up again in September and go through to November.  

Be sure to follow Sing & Play on Facebook to get up to date information on when the new course will begin, see pictures of the some of the students we have had and hear the radio interview we did in February.

Hear the interview here!

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